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Info about COVID-19


UPDATED June 2022

We are not performing COVID-19 (Coronavirus) testing in our office.

For more information, see the Centers for Disease Control website


Telemedicine ("virtual" office visits) allow us to interact with you over the internet. The requirements to participate in telemedicine are:

  1. You must be an established patient. Medicare has stated that new office consultations are not eligible for this service.

  2. You need an up to date Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser OR an updated version of iOS or Android if you are using a mobile device.

  3. You will need a webcam if you are using a computer for video conferencing

  4. You will need a valid email address or the ability to receive a text message on your smartphone.


There is a lot of confusion and uncertainty about COVID-19 (Coronavirus). We are asking our patients to do the following:

-If you or a close contact/family member is sick with fever, cough or sore throat please do NOT come to a scheduled office appointment. Please call the office and reschedule.

-Please sanitize your hands immediately upon entering the office. To allow for social distancing, we may ask those patients who are able to wait outside (weather permitting).

-Practice STRICT social distancing. Avoid contact with any unnecessary people. Avoid public gatherings, restaurants, movies, etc. Consider rescheduling any nonessential appointments. Work from home if at all possible.

-Following hand-washing guidelines, avoid touching your eyes, nose, mouth as much as possible. Proper hand washing is demonstrated in this video from the CDC:


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